Albany Hills State School values sport and physical activity and the role this can play in developing happy, healthy students who carry good habits into adulthood. Sports and active play encourages the modelling of team work, decision making and essential social skills, such as N.E.D. (Never Give Up, Encourage Others, Do Your Best) that are helpful in all areas of life.  Our focus on school sport here at Albany Hills is to encourage maximum participation, physical development and safe play.

Albany Hills State School offers a wide range of sporting and recreational activities to cater for the needs of all students. Students in all year levels have two health and physical education lessons each week taught by specialist teachers. Students in the upper year levels participate in an additional sport lesson each week. Our philosophy in sport and physical education is to give our students a whole range of activities so they can choose a sport for life.​

Gala Days (Term 2)

Gala Days are scheduled on a Friday. Students in Years 5 and 6 are able to select from a range of sports including AFL, soccer, netball, basketball and volleyball.

Interschool Sport (Term 4)

Year 4, 5 and 6 students can choose from a range of other options which may include multi sports (Year 4) , touch football, volleyball, t ball, football. This program runs on four Friday afternoons.

During Terms 1 and 3 all students in Years 4-6 participate in Friday afternoon sports at school to prepare for Gala Days, athletics and interschool sport.

In the event that sport (Term 2 or 4) is cancelled due to the weather, a message will be sent out to parents via social media. A live feed of these messages is available on the school website's home page for those who do not subscribe to social media.​

Other Sport

Several times throughout the year, students in Year 3 have the opportunity to try different sports as part of the schools TrySports program. There is also a program of extracurricular sports which are run outside school hours by teachers and sporting associations. Running Club runs throughout the year, with students across all ages able to train. Students showing promise can nominate for the All Schools Cross Country event in May.​


All students compete in age appropriate carnivals for swimming (Term 4), senior athletics (Term 2) and cross country and junior athletics (Term 3). Training for athletics and cross country is available and successful students (aged 10-12) are then able to represent the school in these disciplines.


As well as ongoing recognition throughout the year at assemblies, a special senior sporting assembly is held close to the end of the school year. Certificates and medallions are presented to students who have achieved representative levels in sports. Special awards including the Allan Rollo Trophy for Sportsperson of the Year are also presented at this time. Any students that are successful in making a Queensland team in school sport are celebrated and recognised on our photo wall in the auditorium entry.​

Last reviewed 17 April 2023
Last updated 17 April 2023