Student leadership


​​​​Leadership Program

The three strands of the leadership program for students involve the Senior Student process, Captaincy roles and the School Leadership program.

The first step in our Leadership Program is for students to become a Senior Student. This position must be earned and carries with it certain expectations and responsibilities.

Your child will be required to record his/her capacity to be a good citizen, demonstrate a long term commitment to a group or role, as well as displaying adequate communication skills.

Students will receive a yellow Record Card which outlines the process and on which they can record their responses to the eligibility criteria. Some discussion may help your child to decide which of their day to day or weekly activities will help them to satisfy each criterion.

When completed, the card is to be presented to the class teacher for a behaviour check. It is then submitted along with a quality reference, preferably on letterhead and clearly stating the referee’s name and relationship to your child, to the school administration for processing.

The Senior Student badge will be presented on a Senior (Years 3-6) Assembly at a later date. The Parents and Citizens Association funds the cost of the badges for our Senior Students. 

It is important to understand that only Senior Students are eligible for selection as a School, Arts or House captain. Students wishing to nominate for Arts Captain need to be current members of the Senior Choir and also part of the school Instrumental Music program.

Your child’s teacher will continue with the process which will include both formal and informal activities and discussions until the end of the year. Further support will be provided during the following year.

Further opportunities for selected Student Leaders:

Those students selected as Student Leaders (School Captains and Vice-Captains, Arts Captains and House Captains) have the opportunity to participate in a range of further activities to develop their leadership skills. These opportunities include a special leadership day for our cluster of primary schools called the LEAP Day and the Young Leaders' Day for students leaders across Queensland, held annually at the Brisbane Convention Centre.

Student Representative Council (SRC)

The SRC is a student body within the school that represents students and promotes their views and participation in school decision-making. The council also aims to promote school spirit and student leadership while experiencing democracy at work. Students are involved in identifying and solving real problems that are raised at SRC meetings. 

At Albany Hills, members of the SRC include School, Music and House Captains along with an elected executive from Year 6 classes. Councillors are elected from Years 3-6 with our Year 6 students representing Prep-Year 2 classes.   

Each year we raise money for a variety of charities. In recent years this has  included our World Vision Sponsor child, Mater Mothers Hospital and Variety, the children’s charity, Ride to Conquer Cancer, The Leukaemia Foundation's World's Greatest Shave and RSPCA. 

We have also responded to ideas from our classes on how to improve our play areas with handball lines being painted in the undercover area, we have funded library equipment including furnishings and games, and purchased art resources for the Drawing Club.​​

Last reviewed 27 March 2023
Last updated 27 March 2023