Why choose our school?


The Albany Hills State School community takes great pride in its reputation for pursuing the highest standards of academic excellence, its quality Science and Music programs, a history of sporting achievements and the excellent behaviour of its students.

Our school has an outstanding reputation in the local community and beyond. Our students wear their school uniform with pride.

Dedicated school staff work alongside parents to equip our students with the skills necessary to meet the challenges of the future.


Anna - Parent

I’ve been involved with Albany Hills State School for the past eleven years. What’s not to like about the school?  

The instrumental music program is fantastic, we have an amazing music program and special events that happen all year.  There is wonderful teacher support and a wonderful parent network.  Musicals are always my favourite because I get so involved with them. 

This year I have helped with the Art Show too.  My children like getting involved in all the different clubs, they have all been heavily involved in the dance clubs, the choirs, the music, the eco-kids….  Our school’s one of the only ones who has a full time tuckshop too.   A lot of schools don’t have that anymore.  

I’ve got a few friends whose children go to private schools and they are quite impressed with the way our report cards are issued and the way they are laid out.  They are very self-explanatory and they know we know exactly what our kids are doing; whereas they have no idea where their children are up to with their assessment.

Angela - Former P&C President, Mother of past students

It was wonderful at our Market Night to see so many former students and their families still wanting to support their old school.  You can tell that you are part of a great community school when they even volunteer to help out.  A big thank you to all the former students who helped on the night.

Annette - Parent of past student

Our daughter Anna had a wonderful schooling experience at Albany Hills, with excellent teachers and great support. We are grateful for the opportunities the school has given her, especially with her music, speaking and performing accomplishments.

Martin Wilkes – Roar Active Program Team Leader – Brisbane North​

I am writing to you congratulating the behaviour of all the children that attended the Brisbane Roar Active Program that we have been running at your school. 

We ran the program after school and it has been really hot at every session but the children were fantastic and interacted with each other and also the coaches. At the last session we gave away backpacks and water bottles and all 56 children said thank you which is unheard of! 

We also got great feedback from the parents who stayed and watched all 4 sessions (again unheard of).

Paula - Parent

We were first welcomed to Albany Hills State School when our eldest son started prep. We were instantly aware of the  nurturing and enthusiastic nature of the teaching staff in the classroom and the polite and confident students at the school. This was further reinforced each week at assembly and at various events including the Easter concert, ANZAC assembly, under 8's day, sports day and cross country.
In my experience the school fosters a strong community spirit while maintaining an individual focus on each child and always encourages students to do their best. The dedicated administration staff and teachers balance academic excellence with cultural and sporting programs and encourage students to have a go.
I have no doubt the school is fostering a challenging learning environment and establishing a strong foundation for a great education.

Sharee - Mother ​​​of past student
My husband and I chose Albany Hills based on geographical location only to find it to be the best local school. 
The staff are approachable, passionate about teaching and willing to provide extra opportunities to learn.  Many of them even offer lunchtime, before or after school clubs such as dance, astronomy, robotics, maths (plus many more).  How many schools offer that?  Not many.   

Christine - Parent​ 
The Fancy Dress Ball for Prep to Year 2 students
Very well organised and such a lovely atmosphere, wonderful to see all the teachers getting involved and the dances were well done, a credit to the music/dance staff.
We had such a fun night....look forward to next year's!

Narnie - Grandparent​
Grandparents' Day 
We were privileged to attend the Year 3 Grandparents' Day concert and must say it was a thoroughly enjoyable event. 
Congratulations to the students and teachers for their hard work in putting it all together. The children were wonderful to learn and perform so many songs and dances for our enjoyment, and theirs. 
I'm sure there were quite a few misty eyes amongst the grandparents (us included) and parents. We were certainly very proud of our little girl.
We'll look forward to attending another concert in a couple of years time.​

Cherice - Parent​
Gala Day Sport - Years 4 - 6

I would just like to take this opportunity to commend all the staff who organise and supervise sporting teams in Gala Day. I would also like to commend all the students who participate in Gala Day through one sport or another. 
As a parent I have attended and watched at quite a few of these days, and would like to bring to your attention that the behaviour of students at AHSS is continually of a relatively high calibre. 
All the students who participate in Gala Day Team sports show tremendous team spirit and great sportsmanship. 

Last reviewed 09 June 2020
Last updated 09 June 2020