Representative Sport


Students may have the opportunity to represent the school at North District Sport and/or Metropolitan North Regional Sport sporting events. More information including trial notices and draws may be found on their websites and are also available via the QSchools app.​


As well as ongoing recognition throughout the year at assemblies, a special sporting assembly is held on the Monday of the second last week of Term 4. Certificates and medallions are presented to students who have achieved representative levels in sports. Special award including the Allan Rollo trophy for Sportsperson of the Year are also presented at this time. Any students that are successful in making a Queensland team in school sport are immortalised on our photo wall in the auditorium entry. There is also a separate wall to celebrate student or team success in other school sporting areas.

Participation in District Sport Trials
The purpose of students attending District trials for sport is to select a team to compete for North District School sport. District teams are selected annually for the following sports:
  • AFL Boys
  • Athletics   Boys/Girls
  • Basketball Boys/Girls
  • Cross Country  Boys/Girls
  • Cricket  Boys/Girls
  • Hockey  Boys/Girls
  • Netball  Girls
  • Rugby League  Boys
  • Rugby Union  Boys​
  • Soccer  Boys/Girls
  • Softball Girls
  • Swimming ​Boys/Girls​
  • Tennis  Boys/Girls
  • Touch  Boys/Girls
If students are talented in areas where there is no district team nominated, the Physical Education teachers will approach the Regional RSSO in order to identify the possible pathways to represent (eg Boys in Softball, Girls in Rugby League). 

Selection to trial

Selection to trial at Albany Hills is at the discretion of the Physical Education Teachers and Principal. The PE teachers may consult with knowledgeable others who are on staff, in order to make the best possible professional judgement. Selection of the team will be based on performance in all aspects of the game including:
  • A)Sportsmanship
  • B)Coachability
  • C)Displaying the ability to work as a member of a team
  • D)Displaying more advanced levels of overall skill
  • E)The attitude and behaviour of the student both on and off the field of play.
Students will be notified of District Trials and given paperwork explaining the Trials when the District Trial Convenor disseminates this information. The PE teachers will nominate selected student representatives to the Trial Convenor by the due date. 

If there is an inter-school competition held prior to a District Trial, then ability may be taken into account in relation to these days according to the 5 criteria above. If however, these competitions are not prior to Trials, then the selection may be made using tools such as lunch time trials, organised by the PE teachers, or knowledge of the children’s participation in that sport outside of school.

The final decision is at the discretion of the PE teachers.

Appeal of Selection to Trial
If a parent is unhappy with the non-selection of their son/daughter in a trial, they may appeal to the Principal prior to the District Trial being held. The Principal will consider the appeal and request supporting information from the parent and clarifying information from the PE teachers. The Principal’s decision is final. There is no recourse for appeal once a trial has been held.

Last reviewed 17 April 2023
Last updated 17 April 2023