Brisbane Bandits visit

Brisbane Bandits visit 

On Tuesday afternoon, three members of the Brisbane Bandits, proudly presented by WellDog, ventured down the road to Albany Hills State School to talk a little about baseball, their own diverse backgrounds, and to hopefully earn some new fans and maybe inspire some future players.

Sam Holland, Rick Teasley, and Maxx Tissenbaum were impressed by the enthusiasm of the hundreds of students in attendance, and realised quickly how much of an impact their presence might have made. Growing up in Caboolture, Queensland, Holland had all of a sudden changed positions with the athletes he'd seen in assemblies growing up, and was proud to be the one now in the spotlight.

"I can remember when I was at school, the other athletes coming out and you look them on stage sometimes and just think, 'Whoa,'" the 21-year-old pitcher said. "Then to be in the reverse role of that and being on stage and looking down at the kids, it was cool. It makes you feel like you're doing well, you're doing it for the right reasons. It was good."

Added Teasley, a hurler from Port St. Lucie, Florida: "Seeing Sam back at a school, it was kind of cool to see that because he knows what it's like. You can tell that he's looking out there at kids who are just like he used to be, from the same place, and tell them basically that this isn't a sport that a lot of Australians are familiar with, but if you familiarise yourself with it you can go a long way."

Holland is one of just four players from the Brisbane area who is currently under contract overseas with a major league affiliate. As a member of the San Diego Padres organisation, and looking to return to the Bandits active roster before the end of the year after resting his throwing arm, he feels accountable as a representative of his sport in the community.

"You definitely feel a little bit more responsibility, to be honest," the right-hander said. "You don't feel like you're holding up the reputation of baseball in Queensland, but you definitely want to do well and promote the sport in this state.

"You want to do well for the Bandits and be a big part of the Bandits, and then make sure that there are plenty of Australian players to keep coming up through the system."

Photo and article courtesy of Brisbane Bandits. See the full article here.

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Last reviewed 30 June 2020
Last updated 30 June 2020