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There are specialist music teachers employed at the school to conduct classroom music, instrumental music, dance and drama lessons and coordinate student involvement for the following activities:
·         Boys’ Choir - Years 3-6
·         Junior Choir - Years 2 & 3
·         Senior Choir Years 4-6
·         Year 1 & 2 Dance Club
·         Year 3 & 4 Dance Club
·         Year 5 & 6 Senior
·         Year 1 Musical
·         Year 2 & 3 Musical
·         Senior Musical
·         Talent Quest
·         Instrumental Music - Strings -  Years 3-6
·         Instrumental Music - Woodwind, Brass, Percussion - Years 4-6
·         Senior String Ensemble - Years 4-6
·         Senior Concert Band - Years 5 & 6
·         Junior Concert Band - Years 4 & 5.
A Music Support Group operates as a sub-committee of the Parents and Citizens’ Association to support the students and staff.

String Selection Process

Each year, 15 students are chosen from all of the Year 2 classes to play a string instrument in Year 3 through to Year 6. Five for violin, five for viola and five for cello.
We have 70 string students throughout the school. The selected students must show a high level of musical aptitude. They must be reliable and very well organised.  They must be achieving well in all classroom curriculum areas. This is essential because string lessons are in school time and classroom instruction continues when these students are at their instrumental lessons. String students must be independent workers. We expect a commitment of four years to enable us to form a strong string ensemble. The students cannot change to a woodwind, brass or percussion instrument in Year 4.

Woodwind, Brass and Percussion Selection

40 students are chosen from all Year 3 and 4 classes each year. The students commence in Year 4 or Year 5 and continue to the end of Year 6. The selected students must show a sound to very high level of musical aptitude. They must be reliable and very well organised. They must be able to work independently to enable them to undertake the learning of an instrument. The students must be competent in all classroom curriculum because instrumental lessons are in school time. Classroom instruction continues when the students are having an instrumental lesson. A commitment of two years is expected for current Year 4 students and three years for current Year 3 students to enable us to form a concert band. If your child drops out of the program, that position can never be filled by another student.

Performing Arts Contacts: 

Prep, Years 1, 2, 3 Music:  
Linda Aponas (Wed, Thurs & Fri)     

Years 4, 5, 6 Music:                   
Chelsea Beadman (Tues & Wed)       

Year 3 Dance:                  
Di Ormiston (Thurs)                    ​

Anita Swigon (Mon & Tues)          

Drama :                            
Tracey Caldwell (Mon)                     

Instrumental Staff Contacts: 

IM Camp Coordinator:
Lana Ward (Thurs)                     

Tim Lefever (Mon)                       

Julie Boxall (Tues & Wed)          

Yvonne Moore (Wed)                       

Tania Savage (Tues)                      ​

Band Rehearsal Times: 

Beginner Band: (from Term 3)
Monday 7.45 – 8.30am

Senior Concert Band:                                  
Tuesday 7.30 – 8.30am

Senior String Ensemble:                              
Wednesday 7.30 – 8.30am

Year 6 String Extension:                              
Wednesday first break

Year 3 String Ensemble: (from Term 3)                            
Monday second break​