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Bunyaville incursion

Bunyaville incursion
​1JJ and the other Year One classes participated in an Incursion at our school exploring the school environment and looking at the inhabitants that make their homes here. 
We were lucky to have some support from our local Environmental School Bunyaville who sent a teacher to help us investigate and explore “Our Patch”. The following verse came from our reflections on what we saw.
In our magic spot today we saw a spider standing on its’ web. We heard birds but we didn’t know what they were. We saw a scrub turkey scratching under the trees.  There were possum scratches on a tree some people think they heard a possum but we’re not really sure what they sound like. We found a feather it might be from a Kookaburra and we definitely know what that sounds like.
Someone said if they were an animal they would like to ‘live in a burrow so no predator could get me.’  We could all live in the bush up in the air, on a web, hidden so no one could see.
To make our patch a better home we think we need to plant some more trees for the spiders to make their homes.  Maybe we could put out some food for the animals to eat.  More plants would be great for the caterpillars.  We think it is important to clean up the rubbish in our patch so the animals won’t get sick.
Our Incursion was good, fun, excellent, interesting and exciting. We love “Our Patch”!