Alex Hartmann

​​Last week at senior assembly, the Year 3-6s got the chance to meet a professional athlete. Alex Hartman is a professional sprinter. He runs 100m and 200m and is in a relay team. He has competed in the 2016 Rio Olympics. This year, everybody in Australia gets a chance to see Alex Hartman and all the other great athletes at the 2018 Gold Coast Commonwealth Games. All of Albany Hills State School wish him the best of luck!
By Trang 5JG
All senior students should remember last week’s assembly. They were lucky enough to have elite Olympian sprinter, Alex Hartman, come and give a presentation on the subjects of
  • healthy eating and lifestyle habits
  • the benefits of physical activity
  • building excitement for the 2018 Commonwealth Games that is being held locally at the Gold Coast.
It was so exciting to have someone who is at his professional level come in and share his story and some tips on how he got so far. We all learnt that eating healthily and doing lots of practice is the recipe for success.
His best events are the 100 m sprint, the 200 m sprint and the 4 x 100 m relay. He told us that he was going to trials for the Commonwealth Games in a few weeks and we hope to see him represent us at the Gold Coast.
If you are attending the Games and happen to see Alex, make sure you say “Hi”, and wish him the best from everyone at Albany Hills.
By Lucie 5JG
At the start of assembly everyone was excited about our lucky visit from a Commonwealth Games sprinter, Alex Hartman.
Everyone enjoyed his inspiring story about how he became a sprinter from a young age and we were amazed at how many hours he trained while still enjoying it. He told us that he raced against so many faster kids, but never gave up and it moved him to work harder to be the fastest.  He showed us how to do the running arms and how to find our hamstrings and high knees. We had so many questions at the end that we didn’t want him to leave! He gave out cool cards with his autograph to the kids that he chose to ask him a question as he ran around the auditorium. It was a great end to assembly as the school got a donation of a variety of sports equipment.   
By Brooke 5JG
Last week we had a special visit from an athlete named Alex Hartman. Alex Hartman is a sprinter whose best time in the 100 m sprint is 10.92 seconds. Alex Hartman told us a long story about his life and how he got here. He did his first sprint when he was 5 and he was slow, but he started eating healthy food like vegetables and fruits and he became fit and fast and he loved it! He thought it was the best thing ever! At his next school race he was the fastest there. As Alex Hartman grew up he became better and better. When he was 9 years old he went on to compete against other schools.  All the other kids beat him in the race but he didn’t give up. He found a trainer named Travis who helped him become fast. As Alex kept on competing in races he became better but one day he got invited to a special place to do a relay with some of his fast friends. He and his team placed 4th which made them the 4th fastest teenage relay team in the world. At the end of his story he was asked questions and he answered them without sweat. After all of that, we gave Alex Hartman a good luck cheer for the Commonwealth Games and he headed off. We really enjoyed Alex’s visit to our school. 
Zane 5JG
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Last reviewed 06 April 2020
Last updated 06 April 2020